COVID-19 Annoucement

As you will no doubt be aware, the UK Government has instructed all UK Gyms to close to help to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Virus.

Because of this, we are unable to take on any new members at the moment.

If you are an exisiting member, we would ask that at the moment, if you are able, please leave your membership active.

Once we have fully understood the assistance from the Government and how it can help us survive this blip, we will put a full freeze on memberships until we reopen.

We thank you for your loyal custom and support in helping us get through this. Please check out our Facebook page for other free workouts you can do at home in the meantime.

Welcome to Ryfields Gym

We're a small commercial Gym based inside the Ryfields Retirement village and pride ourselves on being a Poser and Perve free Gym.

As a family run business, we make sure we provide a safe, comfortable and non-intimidating Gym environment far away from posers, meat heads and long queues for equipment.

We offer a quiet friendly, well equipped training space, along with all the advice you need, to help you train and work towards your fitness goals.

Whether you need a personal trainer, a training program, nutritional advice or simply a pile of weights to move around, we've got your back.

We've got an awesome class timetable too.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

At Ryfields, we're all about helping you figure out exactly what you want and then setting you on the path to achieve it. You might have tried a Gym membership before but we'll help you to do it right this time around.

Why choose Ryfields?

Ryfields Gym was born 5 years after Paul created the hugely popular Warrington Bootcamp. The Bootcamp has helped 1000+ people over the years to lose weight, tone up and enjoy exercise.

Ryfields Gym is the next evolution of our business and brings together all the benefits of Bootcamp, Personal Training and Group Fitness classes and combines them with the flexibility and fun of small community Gym environment.

Ideal for Beginners who haven't been in a Gym for years and Experienced Gym goers who need to mix up their training and push that bit harder, every session allows you to work at your own pace and towards your own specific goals.

If you like too, we'll even teach you how to use the equipment safely yourself so you can get the most out of your membership and get the best results you can.

Dance Mania

Our flagship Fitness class brings together all your favourate elements of Dance Fitness, Zumba, Clubbersise and mixes it with a Party environment.

Suitable for the whole family, we encourage teens to come and join Mum & Dad for an hour of Fun, Exercise, Loud Music and Glow sticks... And don't worry if you've never been before, you are perfectly fine to hide at the back if you want to.

There is no need to book for Dance Mania. The room is large enough to accommodate around 70 people so please feel free to come on down and join us. Tuesday nights, at 7.30pm.

Bounce Mania

Bounce Mania is lots of fun... And you'll sweat more than you ever thought possible.

Join us in one of our 4 weekly classes, Monday 6pm, Thursday 10am, 6pm & 7pm and Bounce yourself fitter.

We create our own routines to some of the most well known songs out there and you can lose yourself for an hour in our private studio using our commercial grade, mini-trampolines with sturdy handles to help you balance.

Booking is essential for this class due to limited space and equipment and places are allocated on a first come / first served basis.

Click here to book your trampoline

Once you have paid, please contact us through our Facebook page to confirm your class

Class Timetable

Our Gym is open 7 days a week for you to come and train yourself or with a Personal Trainer. We have a range of classes running across the week though for those who need a helping hand, a firm kick or a change in tempo from the usual workout. All classes are priced separately with discounts offered when you commit to block bookings. Please get in touch for information on available discounts.

There's more to us than "just training"!

We're a fitness community. And that means you can do more than 'just train'. If you want to that is...

Exercise needs to be fun, otherwise, what's the point? And an easy way to make it fun is to take part in challenges & games, both inside the Gym, and outside. We truly believe in the "Work hard, Play hard" philosophy.

There's lots of extra-curricular physical challenges and events for you to join us in. And its good to be able to focus on more goals that just weight loss.

If you know what you want, get in touch and we'll get you going straight away, if you're not sure, lets start with a brew and a chat and see exactly where you are and where you want to go.

Choose your best Ryfields Gym plan

Or, give us a call and we'll build the perfect package, just for you.

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Gym Plus


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Weekly Accountability


Personal Training

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Individual attention

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Accountability, progress and results guaranteed

Free consultation before starting


Pay & Go Class


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